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PEIQ assists over 600 newspapers in creating successful stories (PEIQ CREATE), in publishing and monetizing digital content (PEIQ PORTAL) and in creating the printed newspaper efficiently (PEIQ PRINT). A cloud infrastructure with intelligent assistance functions and proven best practices.

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  • PEIQ CREATE: Creating successful stories

  • PEIQ PORTAL: Publishing & monetizing digital content

  • PEIQ PRINT: Creating the printed newspaper efficiently

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    multicom & Gogol are called PEIQ now.

    Multicom and Gogol Publishing have been developing tools for newspaper publishers for more than 35 years. The two technology partners for publishers complement each other perfectly. Gogol is a pioneer in digital-first, cloud and online publishing - multicom is leading for all aspects of print. Based on these strengths, both companies have created a joint product portfolio that now has received the name: PEIQ.

PEIQ Products


Creating successful stories

  • Mobile-First-/channelneutral storytelling
  • Channel management
  • Optional topic planning

Publishing & monetizing digital content

  • Powerful news portals
  • User journey & paid content
  • Multiple functions for native advertising

Creating the printed newspaper efficiently

  • Efficient digital-first & print-first workflows
  • Automated or with free layout
  • Optional: From ads zu pdf

Cloud computing with PEIQ

Always up-to-date

Customer experiences stored in the system

  600 publications

  500.000 produced print pages

  600 million delivered page impressions per month

  100 million images within the digital asset management

Advantages through the Cloud

Reducing complexity and increasing flexibility

  Fast implementation

  Low basic prices and total cost of ownership

  Operation in high-performance datacenter (DSGVO, ISO-certified)

  Proactive monitoring by our own operation team

This is what our customers say

Uwe Renners, Rheinpfalz
Uwe Renners, Deputy Editor-In-Chief

Die Rheinpfalz

We are already reaching 35,000 paying subscribers with our digital products. Our aim is to be the main news provider in the Palatinate. The PEIQ system creates the perfect conditions to achieve this goal.

Stefan und Andre Rüttiger, News Verlag
Stefan Rüttiger, Managing Director
Andre Rüttiger, Head of New Media


12% of our sales are accounted for online. The marketing models of PEIQ are perfect to further expand this value.

Dieter Fink, Athesia
Mag. Dieter Fink, Tecnical Head of Editorial Office


PEIQ PRINT is the solution, with which the publisher and the editorial office are able to reproduce the whole production in one software and continuous workflows for the first time.

600 newspapers are shaping the digital future with us

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